To produce textile engineers with the spectrum of global scenario.


To impart vibrant, comprehensive and innovative learning to our students, enabling them for employability, entrepreneurship, and research work to develop their skills to meet the challenges of the global environment with strong ethical and professional values.

Program Educational objectives(PEOs)

1.      To prepare students to excel in graduate program of textile technology by imparting knowledge in textile technology along with basic science and engineering to succeed in industry.

2.      To inculcate the ability among students to solve technical problems, pursue higher studies and research by applying technical fundamentals.

3.       To inculcate the ability among students to analyze & investigate data with technical concepts for design and development of product with economic consideration through good scientific and technological breadth.

4.      To create engineers with high moral values, professional ethics, effective communication skills and exposure to corporate social responsibility for working individually or in a team on multidisciplinary projects .

5.      To provide student with a good learning environment with leadership quality and life-long learning needed for a successful professional career.

Program Outcomes(POs)

Graduates will able to:-

1.      Demonstrate basic knowledge in engineering science, management and textile technology.

2.      Identify, analyze, formulate and solve textile engineering problems.

3.      Design and develop textile products through analysis of data.

4.      Investigate the reason of defects in products and suggest remedies.   

5.      Demonstrate skills in use of modern tools.

6.      Demonstrate their knowledge and skill for welfare of society

7.      Demonstrate their moral responsibilities with awareness of environment and sustainability.

8.      Demonstrate professional and ethical values in their work.

9.      Work individually and as a part of teams.

10.  Communicate efficiently in both verbal and written forms.

11.  Demonstrate their skill in project management with economic consideration and also to become future entrepreneur.

12.  Incorporate the culture of lifelong learning among the students. 

Program Specific Outcome(PSOs)

Textile Engineering Graduates will be able to-

1.      Apply their knowledge of industrial visit/training in their professional career.

2.      Motivate themselves for higher studies and research work.


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